Our Facilities :

We at Satya Resort specialise in Corporate Conferences in Resorts and Corporate Seminars in Resorts.

Enjoy the genuine warmth and hospitality that we extend at Satya Resort near Mumbai. You can dine at the splendid restaurant Satyam, lounge amidst 52 acres of natural beauty or avail of the state-of-the-art banqueting and corporate conference & corporate seminar facilities.

Satya Resort is one of the best Holiday Destinations around Mumbai. Come and experience our resort near Mumbai for yourself.

Imagine 52 Acres of Natural Paradise, a Resort in Karjat, only 85 Kms from Mumbai. Here you are greeted at each turn, with scenes of splendour and beauty, lush with greenery.

Here endless paddy fields, chickoo orchards and groves, abundant with coconut,

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